Shampoo bar vs. Shampoo bottle

Shampoo bar or shampoo bottle?

Most shampoo and conditioner bottles on the market are made of plastic.

In average, one bottle lasts for 25 to 35 washes, which means we throw away around one plastic bottle per month. Most of them are never recycled.

Liquid shampoo is made of up to 80% water and liquid conditioner is made of up to 95% water. In comparison, one shampoo or conditioner bar is concentrated which means you can use it for longer. In average, it lasts for 80 to 100 washes!

On top of that, it generally comes with no packaging, which means zero waste 🌿.

Most shampoo and conditioner bars are made of natural and cruelty-free ingredients (double check it before buying though), whereas most traditional liquid shampoos contain chemicals or preservatives.

Shampoo bars are really practical for travel as they are small, light and dry. Liquid shampoo is heavier, takes more space and can spill (it’s also restricted on flights).

Finally, shampoo and conditioner bars will smell lovely in your bathroom!

Not all shampoo bars are the same, you will probably need to try several ones before finding the right one for your hair. Don’t give up after the first try. 😉 Easy!

Author: easyecotips