Share food with your neighbors instead of wasting it

Here is a couple of apps you can use to fight food waste.

Food production is a big contributor to climate change. However, around a third of all food is wasted.

“Olio” is an app that allows you to share food that you won’t be able to eat with your neighbors, and avoid waste.

Did you cook too much? Did you buy too much food? Or are you going away and won’t have time to eat everything in your fridge?

No worries, just share it with your neighbors. As simple as that. No only you will reduce food waste, but you will also get to meet your neighbors 😉

“Too good to go” is an app that allows you to find restaurants and shops around you that are selling food at a very discounted price instead of throwing it away.

It’s great to try food from places you wouldn’t normally go to, save money and of course avoid all this food going to landfill. 🌿🌿 Easy!

Author: easyecotips