Some teabags release microplastics in your drink

Did you know?

Canadian researchers found that plastic tea bags can release billions of microplastics into your drink.

Plastic teabags are generally used by premium brands, and contain polypropylene. These are generally the ones with a pyramid shape.

Researchers found that a single plastic teabag can release ~ 11 billion microplastics in your tea.

Even if most of teabags are made from paper, they still contain a small amount of polypropylene used to seal the bag which makes them non recyclable and non compostable.

Although some brands are starting to create compostable teabags, they still produce a huge amount of waste due to individual packaging.

So what can you do?

Buy you tea in bulk (loose), and use a tea infuser or tea strainer. Zero waste, zero plastic! 😉 Easy!

Source: BBC

Author: easyecotips