Students in Philippines must plant 10 trees to graduate

In a momentous move towards environmental conservation, the Philippines has taken a significant step to combat deforestation and climate change. In 2019, the nation introduced a unique graduation requirement that mandates students to plant 10 trees before receiving their diplomas. This remarkable initiative aims to create a generation of eco-conscious citizens who understand the importance of environmental stewardship. In this article, we will delve into the details of this news, explore its significance, and highlight its potential positive impact on the environment.


About the new law

In 2019, the Philippine government announced a progressive measure that mandates all students, from primary to tertiary levels, to participate in tree planting activities before graduating. Under this initiative, each student is required to plant a minimum of 10 trees as part of their academic journey.


Tackling Deforestation and Climate Change

The Philippines, like many other countries, faces the adverse effects of deforestation and climate change. Over the past decade, deforestation rates have soared, resulting in the loss of crucial ecosystems, including rainforests and mangroves. With over 47,000 wildfires recorded between 2019 and 2022, the country is experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change.


Nurturing Eco-Champions

It is thought the new law will help over 175 million trees be planted each year in areas such as forests, urban areas and abandoned mine sites. A politician in the country, Gary Alejano – who was responsible of introducing this legislation – said that if every one of the 17.5 million students graduating from elementary school, high school and college each year plants 10 trees, there will be an estimated 525 billion trees planted in one generation!

By actively participating in tree planting activities, students can connect with nature, learn about the vital role of trees in maintaining ecological balance, and become eco-champions advocating for sustainable practices.



The Philippines’ decision to make tree planting a graduation requirement is a remarkable step towards addressing environmental challenges and fostering a generation of eco-conscious citizens. By planting an astonishing millions of trees annually, the nation is nurturing a sense of environmental responsibility and advocating for a greener and more sustainable future. As the students graduate with saplings in their hands, they embark on a journey as environmental stewards, ready to create a positive impact on the planet for generations to come.



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