Sustainable nutrition

Everything we eat or drink has a carbon footprint. The meat industry has one of biggest footprint because of the amount of land, water and pesticides needed to feed the cattle. But meat is not the only food that has an impact on the planet, there are many factors to look at for sustainable food: ingredients, packaging, whether it was produced locally or not, whether it is organic or not, etc.

Ask yourself the following questions: was it produced organically, or using tons of pesticides? Was it produced locally, or does it require hours of travel to get here? Does it generate a huge amount of plastic packaging waste? Are the ingredients natural?

Have a look at our selection of best sustainable nutrition products


Live Live & Organic is the notorious NYC store for organic, raw, gluten-free and plant-based lifestyle.  They have an incredible choice of superfoods, including algae, dried fruits, natural sweeteners, bee products, chocolate and many more. They have also a large choice of natural supplements for immunity, digestive support, antioxidants and more. If you visit them, they even offer nutritional consultations, cleansing programs, classes & lectures.


Truth Origins is a UK company that produces high quality supplements that are fuelled by plants. They sell water-soluble vitamins, omegas, curcumin, protein powders and more, always using natural plant-based ingredients.