Pet products

Pets can also be a source of waste and have a big carbon footprint! As us humans, they eat, sleep, play, clean, and have needs! By choosing the right products for your little furry friends, you can also love them while helping the planet!

Look at all aspects of your pet’s life: what they eat, where they sleep, how do you clean them, the packaging of their food, what is their litter made of, and how you dispose all their waste. Without putting your pet’s health at risk, find natural and eco-friendly alternatives for all the products they need.

Have a look at our selection of sustainable brands for pets


Nature’s Healer is a US company dedicated to explore the potential of hemp as an alternative and natural approach to optimizing health. They have a range of products for pets, including hemp infused biscuits to alleviate hip & joint pain, and others for stress and anxiety. Their hemp is planted, cultivated, and harvested using organic and sustainable practices in the USA. 0 pesticides. 0 contaminants. 0 harm. Their extraction process ensures that all the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil are preserved and no part of the plant is wasted. Al their products are guaranteed 0.00% THC Natural Goodness.


Natusan is a UK company producing compostable, organic clumping litter made from natural wood fibers as opposed to conventional litter made from synthetics, minerals or vegetables. All Natusan waste litter is repurposed into agricultural fertilizer, helping to reduce the impact on the planet. Their cat litter is powered by recycled wood fibres, making it 100% natural and fully compostable. If you live in London, they’ll collect and compost your litter for you.