Swap, hire or buy second hand baby’s accessories

Babies grow so fast!

Baby equipment is often needed for a few months only, before the baby grows and you need to get new, more adapted equipment.

Strollers, playpens, cots, high chairs, baby bath and even baby clothes can easily be swapped with your friends, family or even on specialised websites.

Another option is to hire all this equipment. Specialised websites offer baby gear rentals if you are travelling to make your life easier and avoid having to buy new stuff.

Finally, if you need to buy, think second hand! Not only it is more eco-friendly, you will also make great savings! Most baby gear is only used for a short time, and you can found many items almost as new for a great price. For car seats, make sure to check that it has never been involved in an accident for safety reasons.

So think twice before buying new and consider all these options before. By swapping, sharing, hiring and buying second hand, you are helping the planet!

Do it for the next generations, they will thank you 😉 Easy!

Author: easyecotips