Switch to green banking

Money is powerful, and it can help change the world if used wisely.

When choosing a bank to put your money or your savings, you are also choosing where your money will be invested.

Most banks use these funds to invest in projects, companies or new technologies. So make sure that you choose a bank where your money and finances are being managed in a green, ethical way.

Run away from banks that continue to invest heavily in polluting industries like fossil fuels, mining industries, tobacco firms or those that test on animals.

The first thing you can do is to look for your bank’s environmental policy in place, and what it covers.

Look for the commitment that your bank will put your money into ethical, or green investment like funding renewable energy technology, regeneration in the developing word and investments to worldwide organisations for aid and human rights. Some banks even offer you an ethical account or investment plan.

Another thing to look for is carbon neutral operations, meaning that the amount of CO2 emitted during the day to day activities of that bank is neutralised by another activity that uses CO2.

With all this information, choose the bank that will make the best use of your money. 😉 Easy!

Author: easyecotips