Switch to Green Dry Cleaners

Did you know?

The majority of dry cleaners use a chlorinated solvent, Perchloroethylene (or Perc) to clean clothes.

This chemical is both a health and an environment hazard.

“Perc” has been linked to increased incidences of cancer, and high concentrations are found in air around dry-cleaning establishments.

Also, most dry cleaners use single-use plastic bags to protect the clothes which produces a lot of waste.

Why not switch to Green Dry Cleaners?

Green Dry Cleaners use less harmful techniques to clean clothes.

One method is wet cleaning. It simply uses water and milder detergents than the ones at home. Thanks to professional pressing, steaming, and finishing equipment, your clothes will look perfect.

Another method is Carbon Dioxide Cleaning. It is very environmental friendly because it uses CO2 under high pressure to make it liquid and clean the clothes. It is non-toxic.

Just look for Green Dry Cleaner around your home and ask what technique they use.

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