Switch to reusable silicon food storage bags instead of disposable ones

Switch to reusable bags to store your food, leftovers, sandwiches and more 😉

Disposable plastic bags, or Ziploc bags create a big amount of unnecessary plastic waste.

They will most likely end up in landfill and contribute to greenhouse gases, and in some cases they will end up in the ocean of in nature 😢

But there are many reusable alternatives!

You can try the great Beeswax bags, they are great for food storage and they are compostable!

Another alternative is cloth bags, they are leak proof, can be zipped, washed and reused as many times as you want!

Finally, you can also switch to reusable silicon bags. They are great for freezing and storing food, and can be reused and washed as many times as you need.

If you already have plastic bags and Ziploc bags in your kitchen, don’t just throw them away. Use them, and make sure to reuse them as many times as you can!

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Author: easyecotips