Tea strainer vs. Tea bags

Which is better between tea bags and a tea strainer? 🍵

Canadian researchers found that tea bags can release billions of micro-plastics in your drink.

Many tea bags contain plastic (polypropylene), especially those used by premium brands in pyramid shaped bags. However, even regular paper tea bags can use polypropylene to seal the bag.

Tea bags generate a lot of waste. They come into individual packaging, are not recyclable and most of them not compostable (if they contain polypropylene).

Although some brands are starting to create compostable tea bags, they still create a lot of waste due to individual packaging.

Quality-wise, tea bags are often made from low tea grades like dust or fannings.

On the other side, buying loose tea and using a tea strainer has a lot of advantages.

Loose tea is zero-waste (just bring your jar and refill it with tea in your bulk shop). You can also buy loose tea in any shop, with packaging but still less than individual bags.

When you finished your cup of tea, you can just put the tea in the compost, and wash your strainer 😉

Finally, in terms of quality, loose tea is generally made of whole, unbroken leaves, which is higher quality.

Have you made the switch yet?

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Author: easyecotips