The Amazon rainforest is burning again

This year again, the Amazon rainforest is burning. ?

The Amazon rainforest is known as the “lungs of the world” and is home to about three million species of plants and animals.

Fires are strong in Brazil (where 60% of the rainforest is), but also Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

It is a global responsibility to protect the rainforest, where fires are being deliberately started to clear land for agriculture and cattle ranching.

❓What can we do to help?
1️⃣ Spread the word. This is impacting all of us!
2️⃣ Plant trees: you can sponsor a tree, use Ecosia browser (they plant trees with the revenue they generate), buy products from companies that offer to plant trees.
3️⃣ Avoid palm oil: it is used to manufacture a lot of products that we use (lipstick, pizza dough, shampoo, margarine, cookies, soap, packaged bread, ice cream…) The demand for palm oil drives deforestation
4️⃣ Vote: politics matter. It is important to make your voice heard.
5️⃣ Eat less meat: fires are highly suspected to have been deliberately started in efforts to illegally deforest land for settlement and cattle ranching.
6️⃣ Donate: there a some organizations who fight to protect the rainforest. Consider supporting the @rainforestactionnetwork @rainforesttrust @rainforestalliance @ww @earthalliance @amazonwatch @amazonconservation

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