The EASY ECO MARKET is here!

The EASY ECO MARKET is finally here 🤗 

Over the months, you asked us for our recommendations on products and brands. We know it’s not always easy to know which brand you can trust, and which one is greenwashing 🤔

That’s why we have created the EASY ECO MARKET, a marketplace with all the brands and products that we have tried and that we believe are good for you and for the planet 😉

Only a few brands so far, but new arrivals will be added constantly, as we try new products and make sure we are 100% comfortable with them 🌿


Find hundreds of easy eco tips and learn how to be more eco friendly, go zero waste, reduce your carbon footprint and many other ways to help the planet. Find also news, facts, information and quotes to learn more about topics like climate change, global warming, plastic pollution, energy savings, recycling, and many more! We think raising awareness is the first step towards a greener world, so help us share this!