The Kiri tree can help us fight climate change

The Kiri tree (also known as Paulownia Tree or Japanese Empress Tree) could be a great ally in the fight against climate change.

This magnificent tree grows very fast, and can produce valuable timber in a short period of time. In 8 years, it will grow as big as a 40 years old Oak tree.

In addition, it can remove CO2 and produce Oxygen 10 times faster than an average tree!

It does not require a lot of water which makes it very eco-friendly, but requires a lot of light, so it’s perfect for warm and dry areas like Texas, or Mexico.

Also, the Kiri tree will get beautiful purple flowers in spring!

Another sustainable plant is bamboo, as it is very low maintenance, requires no fertilizers nor large amounts of water.

It produces more oxygen than average trees and can grow up to 3 feet per day!

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Author: easyecotips