The UK is creating a citizen’s assembly on climate change

A cross party initiative in the UK is looking to set up a Citizens’ assembly on Climate Change.

Letters are being sent to 30,000 people across the country to invite people to join the assembly.

Out of those, 110 citizens will be selected for the Climate Assembly UK, as a representative sample of the population.

The assembly is aiming to meet next year, and will work to find solutions on how people can reduce CO2. These discussions will be reported to Parliament, in order to create a clear roadmap of actions.

The creation of a Citizens’ Assembly was one of the key demands of Extinction Rebellion in the UK.

Tackling the climate emergency will require radical changes to the economy, so it is important that the people are on board, and this assembly is a way to ensure this.

If you haven’t been selected to join the citizens’ assembly, don’t despair!

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