The US officially leaves the Paris Climate Accord

Bad news. The US has officially started the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, notifying the UN of its intention to leave.

It is the only non-signatory country in the world, as the other 197 nations have signed it.

The withdrawal process takes a year. However, hundreds of local governments, businesses and organisations in the US have joined the We Are Still In movement, pledging to cut emissions and move to renewable energy.

What was agreed in the Paris Climate Accord agreed in 2015?

Keep global temperatures “well below” the level of 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial times and “endeavour to limit” them even more, to 1.5C.

Limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity to the same levels that trees, soil and oceans can absorb naturally, beginning at some point between 2050 and 2100.

Review each country’s contribution to cutting emissions every five years so they scale up to the challenge.

Enable rich countries to help poorer nations by providing “climate finance” to adapt to climate change and switch to renewable energy.

This is a bad news for the planet, but even if the government has decided to withdraw, individuals can still act!

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Author: easyecotips