These 20 fossil fuel companies contribute to a third of global carbon emissions

Do you recognise some of these logos?

These 20 companies contribute to more than a third of all carbon emissions around the world.

A recent study has revealed that since 1965, these top 20 companies have generated 480 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

They are all operating within the fossil fuel industry (oil, gas, coal).

Some of these companies are state-owned (for example Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, or Gazprom in Russia) and others are private like Chevron, Exxon, BP or Shell.

The leading polluter is Saudi Aramco, contributing 4.38% of the total emissions.

What can you do?

There are different ways you can reduce your need to fossil fuels.

Drive less your car and if you can’t, learn how to eco drive. Every time you can, use public transport and use your bicycle when possible.

Try to find alternatives to flights, like travelling by train when possible.

At home, switch from gas heating or gas cooking to electricity, and choose to a renewable energy provider.

Also try to reduce your energy consumption with simple changes like using a pressure cooker, using a lid and making sure to buy energy efficient appliances.

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Source: The Guardian

Author: easyecotips