These big hotel groups ban single-use plastic toiletries

Did you know?

Two of the largest hotel groups in the world have banned single-use plastic toiletries like shampoo and liquid soap bottles.

Marriot group is the world’s largest group with around 7 thousand hotels worldwide and brands like the Ritz, Sheraton or Westin. They use 500 million single-use plastic toiletries each year.

The IHG group has more than 5 thousand hotels worldwide, with brands like Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn and Intercontinental.

This ban is expected to reduce the plastic waste in hotels chains. Hopefully, other hotels chains will follow!

What can you do to reduce your plastic waste when travelling in a hotel that still offers plastic toiletries?

Bring your own toiletries. No need to use the ones they give you.

Choose soap, deodorant and shampoo solid bars instead of plastic bottles. Remember, 80% of the content of a shampoo bottle or a liquid soap is water anyway! 😉 Easy

Author: easyecotips