This beer is made from the surplus of bread from bakeries

Did you know?

Food production is a big contributor to climate change. However, around a third of all food is wasted.

Toast Ale is a beer made from surplus of bread from bakeries.

The concept is simple. They use less barley, and replace it by bread that would have ended up in landfill otherwise.

By doing so, they help reduce food waste, and fight climate change.

By keeping the bread out of landfill, and by using less barley that needs water and land to grow, they reduce their carbon footprint.

Oh and by the way, these guys give 100% of their profit to charity!

Love the concept? You can try to brew your own beer as they share their recipe on their website, open to anyone!

What about the taste? We have tried their beer and we absolutely loved it! In the UK, you can even find it at Tesco or Waitrose!

Author: easyecotips