This is what big cities’ weather could look like in 2050

Did you know?

A recent study predicted the future climate conditions of 520 major cities worldwide, and compared them with the conditions of cities today.

This helps visualise the impact of climate change on your own city, in the next 30 years!

In 2050, London could be as warm as Barcelona today, New York could be as warm as Virginia Beach, Seattle as San Francisco and Madrid as Marrakesh!

If you think this sounds nice, unfortunately it is not. A fifth of all cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Singapore, will face conditions so extreme they don’t currently exist anywhere in the world, according to the study.

These rises in temperatures could encourage the spread of infectious disease, endanger food security, and lead to water shortages.

Wet seasons will get wetter and dry seasons will get drier, increasing the danger of droughts and floods. Coastal cities are particularly at risk of flooding, which could damage buildings, displace residents, and threaten infrastructure like urban transportation systems.

The good news? Remember this is only a prediction so far, and although we don’t have much time, it is still possible to stop climate change if we act now!

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Source: CNN, BBC, ETH Zurich University

Author: easyecotips