This is where people eat the most meat worldwide

Did you know?

This map shows which countries eat the most meat around the world.

The aim is not to point fingers at anyone, but we thought it was actually really interesting information to share 😉.

This data is from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and is from 2013 (the most recent year available) and the map has been designed by the BBC.

There is a clear link between wealth and meat consumption across the world. US and Australia are the biggest meat eaters, eating more than 100kg of meat per person per year, followed by New Zealand and Argentina.

Most countries in Western Europe consume between 80 and 90 kilograms of meat per person. Poorer countries like Ethiopia consume just 7kg per person, Rwanda 8kg and Nigeria 9kg.

The worrying trend is that nations like China and Brazil have seen a strong economic growth in recent decades, and a large rise in meat consumption. One exception to this is India, where the amount of meat consumed is less than 4kg per person, the lowest in the world.

Unfortunately recent studies show that meat consumption is growing in America and Europe, even with more people is trying to reduce their meat intake. However the types of meat are changing with a switch from red meat to poultry for example.

Remember, meat and diary industries are one of the biggest polluting industries the world.

They use the vast majority of farmland available, consume huge amounts of water, and produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector.

Try to reduce and eat less meat for the environment🌿🌿

Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization, BBC

Author: easyecotips