This is where people travel the most by bike

And the winner is…Netherlands 🇳🇱

According to a recent article by the BBC, 26% of journeys in the Netherlands are made by bike.

In second place comes Denmark with 18% of journeys, and Germany with 10% of journeys.

All three countries had major policy changes in the 1970’s and 1980’s that led to a large increase in cycling, and all three still continue to invest in cycling infrastructure.

Transport is one of the largest polluting sectors in the US, the UK, and many others countries.

So what can we do?

There are hundreds of short journeys that could be done by foot or by bike. In England for example, 60% of 1-2 mile trips are made by car!

We can all make an immediate contribution to the planet, by making these small journeys (less than 2 miles) by foot or cycling.

Get a second hand bike, it’s cheap, pre-loved, zero-waste and start enjoying the fresh air!

You will reduce your carbon footprint and you will improve your health by making some exercise.

On short rides, you will probably even save time by avoiding traffic, parking time, waiting time for a cab, etc.

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Author: easyecotips