Unsubscribe from newsletters and marketing mailing lists

Is you inbox full of junk mail, spams, newsletters that you never read?

It is time to delete them, and unsubscribe from all these mailing lists that generate thousands of useless e-mails 😉

Remember: a normal email has an average footprint of 4g of CO2, which accounts for the power data centres and computers spend sending, filtering and reading messages. An email with a big attachment can have a carbon footprint of 50g of CO2.

In addition, most emails are stored on the Cloud which are essentially huge warehouses filled with servers which are running 24/7/365.

These data centres are extremely polluting. They consume huge amounts of electricity 24/7 and require robust A/C systems to keep all these servers at the right temperature without overheating.

Delete your old emails, delete the files you don’t need from the Cloud, and unsubscribe from the newsletters you don’t read. Easy! 😉

Author: easyecotips

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