Use handkerchiefs instead of disposable paper tissues

Think about all the disposable paper tissues you use every year.

These are generally made from virgin timber pulp bleached with chlorine, meaning that trees are cut so we can blow our nose, and chemicals are added.

You feel an itch on your nose, grab a tissue and enjoy a satisfying sneeze. Then it’s in the trash! What a waste…

Why not try handkerchiefs? They are making their comeback, and a great zero-waste alternative 😉

What about hygiene?

It is not hygienic to blow your nose all day in the same hanky (also a bit disgusting!).

The solution is to get a set of handkerchiefs, use a new one each time you need it, and store them in a small sized make-up bag for example. It won’t take more space than regular tissues.

At the end of the day, just wash them! You can also boil them if you are sick to make sure they are clean. 😉 Easy!

Still not convinced?

Well, other options include paper tissues made from recycled paper, sustainable bamboo tissues, or tissues with an FSC label, meaning they would use sustainably sourced wood.

Author: easyecotips