Whip the chickpea water and make vegan desserts (no egg)

Are you looking for an easy way to replace eggs in your vegan desserts?

You can use the chickpea water (also called aquafaba).

Collect the aquafaba after cooking your chickpeas, or use the water from the chickpeas can.

Whip it (it takes a while if you do it by hand, be patient!) until it gets stiff and looks like whipped egg whites.

Remember, chickpeas have a low carbon footprint, because they require no nitrogen fertiliser, which can result in less greenhouse gas emissions and less water pollution from crop production. They are very water-efficient and they help enrich soil health, leaving nutrients behind and supporting healthy and diverse farm systems.

You can incorporate it into your recipes, and make delicious desserts like chocolate mousse, meringues, macarons, and many others. 😛 Easy!


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