You can build eco bricks from plastic waste

Eco bricks can be a great way to use the plastic that cannot be recycled.

What is an ecobrick?

An ecobrick is a building block made by filling a plastic bottle with non recyclable plastic (wrappers, shopping bags, stickers, etc.)

The plastic in a ecobrick is very durable and will never break down, and it’s water resistant, which makes it an ideal construction material.

Ecobricks are used in developing countries for sustainable projects, but you can also use them to build playgrounds for your children or a garden’s shed for example!

How to create eco bricks?

Just fill a plastic bottle with plastic and push it until it is full and compact. A 2L bottle should weight around 500g.

So take some plastic away from landfill, and start building! 😉 Easy!

Author: easyecotips