You can compost at home with Bokashi

Bokashi is an easy and efficient way to do home composting.

Bokashi composting is a process of fermentation that converts all food waste into compost in 4 to 6 weeks only. It is more efficient than the traditional “backyard” compost pile, and you can compost ANY food scrap, including cooked food, meat, grains etc.

The best part? You can do it indoor, from your kitchen, whether you live in a house or apartment.

At the end, put the compost straight into your garden or planters. Bokashi compost is teeming with garden friendly microbeswhich are vital for a healthy and productive soil. Your plants will love it!

Where to get a good Bokashi composter bucket?

Have a look at Bokashi. They sell online through the US and Canada, and they give great tips on how to compost on their website.

Why is it important to compost your food waste?

When organic waste is sent to landfill, it will decompose without oxygen, which will produce methane, a greenhouse gas much more harmful to the planet than CO2. Did you know that rotting food in our landfills is the second largest source of man-made methane emissions?

By composting, we eliminate these methane emissions. Bokashi composting creates no measurable greenhouse gases. Plus, at the end of the cycle, you will get a free fertilizer for your plants to keep them healthy and looking beautiful!

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Author: easyecotips