You can compost newspapers

Did you know that you can add newspapers to your compost pile?

Newspaper is considered to be a brown composting material and will add carbon to your compost pile.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind ⚠️

First, you can only add black and white newspaper. The black ink used in today’s newspapers is non-toxic, however color ink is not always safe to compost.

Also, make sure to shred the newspaper first. You can use scissors and cut it in small pieces. The compost pile needs oxygen to decompose, and if the newspaper is not shredded it will not decompose.

Finally, make sure to mix it with a fair amount of greens, to have a good balance in your compost pile, and get a good fertilizer.

Why is it important to compost your organic waste?

By composting your organic waste, you will save it from going to landfill, where it will decompose without oxygen in plastic bags and generate methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas. Compost also creates natural fertilizer which can be great for your garden and plants.

If you don’t have a compost pile yet, remember that you can reuse old newspaper for many things like gift wrapping, window cleaning, etc. You can also recycle it of course.

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Author: easyecotips