You might suffer from Eco Anxiety

Did you know?

If you feel overwhelmed by all the challenges that our planet is facing, you might be suffering from eco anxiety.

The magnitude of the issue is huge, and as individuals we sometimes feel that everything we do has little or no impact over the environmental crisis.

Some experts have noted the increase of people suffering from anxiety relating to climate change and environmental issues. This has been called eco anxiety.

Our advice here at EasyEcoTips is the following: do what you can. You are not going to solve this problem on your own, but you are not alone. Every little step counts, even small actions are positive. Spread the word, and raise awareness. Do not try to be perfect, no one is. What you are doing is great, acknowledge it.

You don’t know where to start? Have a look at our profile and find some ideas. Start easy and go at your own pace. Easy! 😉

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